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How to activate AlfaFile Premium Key / Coupon Code?

This is instruction on how to activate AlfaFile Premium Key / Coupon Code purchased from AlfaFile Reseller:

1. Please log in to your AlfaFile account first.

(If you don't have a AlfaFile account, you just need to register free account:

2. You will receive a premium key / coupon that you can activate here:

3. Please enter your coupon code in "Coupon Code" and click "Pay" to become Premium user.

What's has been making a name for itself since its inception in 2014. Alfafile is committed and that commitment led them to where they are now – that is, one of the best data storage service providers in the industry. They endeavour to serve you better by using centralised networks for better access to your data. Use their services and you are guaranteed to get the fastest access to your files which money can buy.

Their Services
The following services are the main reasons why AlfaFile exist as a company:
Data storage
User-friendly file manager
High download speed
Many payment methods
They improve their services on a daily basis depending on our consumers' needs. Their team is composed of individuals with highlighted expertise on the field. We constantly work on our company's services to serve you better.

Their Commitment
They have highlighted the best services in the market as part of their commitment to you. Apart from granting customer satisfaction, they also work to:
Protect your rights by complying with legal requirements pertaining to downloads and uploads you make whilst using our site;
Value your information to ensure your security in all given circumstances;
Improve their technology and make necessary investments on them to deliver the goods and services that is worth every penny you spend;
Reach excellence by giving high quality services to first-time users and to regular consumers.

Take care of your files with the help of In this website, you can back up your files and share it with anyone. Furthermore, you will no longer need to use another storage device to save your files and bring it wherever you go because you can easily access all of it by simply logging in to your account. is one of the leading data storage service providers. You can be assured of the high-quality service – whether you are a new client or a regular customer. Every single cent that you paid for is worth it because the company uses it to improve their system. If you are worried about the security of your files, you can expect that is using the best security software to prevent hackers from accessing these. Therefore, no matter what the files contain – be it personal or sensitive material – you can have a peace of mind. However, you should keep in mind that your files should comply with legal requirements of the website regarding downloads and uploads. In case that the user violated the Terms and Conditions, the file may be deleted or his/her account may be canceled. Therefore, you need to carefully read and understand its contents.

One of the best things about this website is you can use their service for free. You only need to sign up as a member by providing your e-mail address and assigning a password to your account. However, your download speed will be limited. In case that you want to have a better service, you can subscribe to their premium account. There are several types that you can choose from based on the download speed, storage space, and time limit. For only $15.99 to buy AlfaFile Coupon Code, you will get 1TB bandwidth and 1TB storage space for 30 days. If you want to get a one-time subscription with the best offers and a huge discount, you should try the premium account for 365 days. It only costs $95.99 with 12TB bandwidth and 10TB storage space, which means that you will save almost 50% on the 30-day premium account.

What are the features of AlfaFile Premium?

You can easily buy AlfaFile Premium from AlfaFile PayPal Reseller to upgrade your account to premium.

  • High download speed
  • Many filehosters available
  • Unlimited bandwidth & downloads (*)
  • Support for download accelerators
  • Support parallel downloads
  • No ads & filesize limit
  • Resume aborted downloads
  • Safe & Anonymous download
  • Multi-link generator
  • (*) Couple of hosters have some daily limits, but don't worry, is enough for a common user use. To see this limits check the Supported Hosters list.

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    Reviews 7 . Excellent

    John gondo
    John gondo
    John gondo - 5
    Product Review

    Mar 23, 2020

    For me the best hosting
    For me the best hosting, I use it for a long time and I am very happy, I recommend it.
    John stork
    John stork
    John stork - 5
    Product Review

    Mar 22, 2020

    always a good service
    always a good service, everyone must try and get good service, world best service website and staff... 100/100
    Great project! Paying on time!
    Great project! Paying on time!
    Great project! Paying on time! - 5
    Product Review

    Mar 21, 2020

    Stable Service
    Stable Service, Good Support
    roland strzelecki
    roland strzelecki
    roland strzelecki - 5
    Product Review

    Mar 18, 2020

    trust full
    trust full site
    adrian usa
    adrian usa
    adrian usa - 5
    Product Review

    Mar 17, 2020

    Great project! Paying on time!
    Pete railsback
    Pete railsback
    Pete railsback - 5
    Product Review

    Mar 16, 2020

    Very reliable and very stable speed!
    I've been downloading 6 months and it has never failed anything, very happy, Greetings!
    salmi Waung
    salmi Waung
    salmi Waung - 5
    Product Review

    Mar 14, 2020

    Very awesome, I enjoyed it!

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