Facilitate files transferring with Rapidgator premium

Rapidgator premium offers many advantages working with files, including files downloads and upload as well as file sharing. This is the reason more and more people are turning to Rapidgator premium as a solution for their work.

Benefits using Rapidgator premium

Rapidgator premium has been known for its ability to handle files in an effective way, thus facilitating work considerably. So what are the advantages of using Rapidgator premium? The first thing is associated with the download and upload speed. In comparison with other file-hosting sites, Rapidgator premium offers very high file delivering speed. Besides, the duration that data lasts before it is deleted is 60 days, which is longer than other file-hosting sites. Per download, you can upload 5GB, which is perfect for large files because you can upload it directly without any processing or changing. Add to that, working with Rapidgator premium will bring you the best experiences as there are no advertisements, no waiting times, no captchas for downloads and no limitations for simultaneous downloads.

Different Rapidgator premium packages to suit your demand

Depending on your demand, you can select a Rapidgator premium package from the 9 packages available. Each Rapidgator premium package is different in their runtime, bandwidth, storage space, thus the cost varies, from 14,99 USD to 99,99 USD.

Operation and security

When it comes to Rapidgator premium operation, note that there are two options to share files. For small file delivering, the wisest option is using the file manager in the web browser. In the web browser, you can see the time remaining as well as the amount of data that has been uploaded. For many files and a larger amount of data, it is suggested to upload via the FTP server for higher upload speeds.

There is no need to worry too much about security when using Rapidgator premium to transfer your data. Your files are ensured with high confidentiality and Rapidgator makes sure no data is passing to any third party.

There is no doubt that Rapidgator premium is needed to more effective file hosting. For the best Rapidgator premium packages, go to https://premiumkeys.com/