The Advantages Of Upstore Premium

Upstore is known as a cloud store that was created in 2012, where you can easily upload, share and store files and folders. It is the most reliable way of sharing folders and files with friends, family, colleagues and everyone. Upstore Premium is the premium version of this store. This article will tell you more about the advantages of Upstore Premium.

Introducing Upstore Premium

Upstore Premium will help you to no longer have to spend a lot of money to upload files with huge size and number of files. In addition, Upstore Premium also helps you save time and cost a lot more than the usual way. Upstore Premium has 4 combos for you to choose.

The first is a 1-month combo + 3 bonus days with a cost of 11.95€ equivalent to 0.36€/day.

Next is a 3-month combo for 25€, equivalent to 0.28€/day.

Third  combo is 45€ for 6 months, equivalent to 0.25€/day.

The last combo is 75€ for 1 year, equivalent to 0.21€/day.

To choose the right combo you should rely on your own needs. Do not be too frugal to know what is wasted. If you need more details and specific advice please contact us.

The Advantages of Upstore Premium

With the more money you spend to own the Upstore Premium combo packages, you will surely get the benefits you deserve. Here are some salient benefits.
Your files will download at high speed and faster.

You can download or upload multiple files in parallel, at the same time without having to wait for the load to finish before loading to the next file.

When you load files, there is no captcha so you no need wait to captcha , without delay downloading any files.

Fast download speed with only 1-click download and no download timeout.

Upload files up to 5 GB and the files are kept on the server forever.

The Advantages Of Upstore Premium

At this point, you have seen that with the better price you will get the service and value worth it. If you are a person who often works with files, register yourself for a combo now!

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