Things to know about the Upstore Premium Account

If you talk about the development of information technology in this day and age, you will not be able to ignore the cloud computing system launched in 2007. And the Upstore Premium Account is also one of the computer systems cloud utilities.

The Upstore Premium Account is one of the cloud systems, specialized in storing and sharing information, data, software, files, directories, etc; And you can upload them or download if you want.

Whether you own a free Upstore account or own an Upstore Premium Account, uploading files and downloading files is extremely fast and convenient.
You can store any type of file you want, as long as the files do not violate the prohibitions of Usptore.

The use of a free Upstore account, although there are many utilities, will also have certain limitations. So upgrading to an Upstore Premium Account is something we encourage you to do.

Advantages when you are an Upstore Premium Account

High download speed, download many files at once

File or data download speed is always one of the most important factors for you at work. Downloading data quickly will save you a lot of time.  As a premium member you will have fast download speeds of up to 1000 Mbps, you can upload up to 10 files at once. Premium members can also download up to 20 GB every 24 hours and the maximum upload size per session is 5 GB.

Infinite cloud storage capabilities

Other than free Upstore accounts that can only store files for up to 90 days. The Upstore Premium Account can back up many of their files forever. Downloading is just a click away and no waiting for time or entering a captcha code.

The Upstore Premium Account can set a password for the links they share. This is also one of the biggest advantages of the high security of the Upstore Premium Account.

How much does the Upstore Premium Account cost?

Upstore always provides everything to bring the most convenience to the user. And the cost to upgrade to the Upstore Premium Account, too. You can pay for upgrades on a monthly basis, on a quarterly basis, once every 6 months or for a year.

The headache of many people is where they store their huge files. And choosing an Upstore Premium Account yourself is the most accurate decision. The Upstore Premium Account will resolve all your files and data issues. Let’s try and feel.

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