What is WDUpload Premium Account?

WDUpload is a secure  cloud storage service where you use free online storage space where you can store, manage, share, backup your files and any other data. You will be able to store large files. You access all your data stored in your account with an easy web interface anytime-anywhere, protect it from computer crashes and viruses. In WDUpload you can store your important data like documents, files, photos, music, video, contacts information, favourite sites and your daily tasks and events, etc. WDUpload also offers premium service by which you can unlock extra features like unlimited storage, faster uploads and  downloads etc. In this article we know about the top features of WDUpload premium account.

WDUpload Unlimited Storage

WDUpload premium account provides you unlimited storage capacity where you can upload unlimited data. You can have unlimited data of 1TB in premium account.

Faster Downloads and Uploads

WDUpload premium account works in a way so as to link your ip address to the special servers that are less crowded than normal accounts. It also allows direct upload into your account via URL. The direct URL file transfer is an extremely versatile option as it can be used for website URLs, FTP server files or even torrent files. So you can download and upload faster.

Parallel Downloads

The WDUpload premium account allows the user to download files simultaneously without there being any lag in speed. While free accounts allow for downloading only after the first download is done, the WDUpload protocol caters to the demands of users for high speed performance.

WDUpload Premium Plans

The first is combo 1 Month Premium with €14.95. You will have 1 TB Storage and 35GB/Daily Bandwidth.

The second is combo 3 Months Premium with €29.95. Same the first combo you have 1 TB Storage and 35GB/Daily Bandwidth.

The third is combo 6 month Premium, you will spend €51.95 for 1 TB Storage and 35GB/Daily Bandwidth. (Save €17.50)

The last is combo 1 Year Premium. You will spend €73.95 for 1 TB Storage and 35GB/Daily Bandwidth. (Save €34.50)

To choose the right combo you should rely on your own needs. Do not be too frugal to know what is wasted. If you need more details and specific advice please contact us.

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