How to have a Rapidgator Premium Account?

Unlike a free account in which your space is limited, a Rapidgator Premium Account offers unlimited online storage for hosting Videos, Movies, and Files. So to have a Rapidgator Premium Account, what do you need to do?

There are two types of accounts on

As you might already know, Rapidgator is a file hosting website which allows you to share anything with your friends. There are two main accounts that Rapidgator offers to its users: Rapidgator Free Account and Rapidgator Premium Account.

Firstly, if you are new to this Rapidgator website, you can download files with the free version. However, you might feel irritable with advertisements and pop-ups. In addition, with the free Rapidgator account, you aren’t able to download many files at the same time. Also, if your files are over 500MB, it is impossible for you to upload them. So if you just need a small storage and don’t mind seeing ads, the Free account is good enough.

However, if you want to save your time and download more than one file at the same time, as well as avoid advertisements, a Rapidgator Premium Account is a better choice. Also, you are able to upload files that are over 500 MB with a Rapidgator Premium Account.

Things to do to get a Rapidgator Premium Account

So, when your file is over 500MB, you need to sign up to be able to download or upload it. Therefore, the first thing you do to get a Rapidgator Premium Account is to register an account on the website. Then find a trustworthy reseller to buy a Premium package. When you are buying from an official reseller like, the payment method will be flexible. All the methods will be a non-recurring payment and you can pay via Paypal or other popular methods. What are you waiting for? Buy Rapidgator premium key here

Reasons you should use our upstore premium

If you are looking for a good Upstore Reseller, please choose us. The following article will give you the reasons why you should choose Upstore premium but others.
In a simple way, Upstore is a fairly popular service. The demand for uploading, storing and sharing files in the Era of 4.0 technology is increasing. It can help you handle those manipulations easily.

What is Upstore

Upstore was founded in 2012. Upstore provides services to users around the world to help them upload, backup and share their files with relatives. This service helps users transfer files via the web easily and quickly, even from the US to other countries. Upstore will set up branches in the United States and the United Kingdom and some of the most important countries. Its development potential in the future is very huge and proportional to customers' satisfaction.

If you are looking for a reliable Upstore Reseller, come to us. We are still selling Upstore premium accounts and helping you upgrade your account for you to have the best experience. Fast delivery is regarded as one of our remarkable advantages in comparison to other rivals.

Delivery time: 3 minutes - 6 hours and pay once upon delivery or you can transfer in advance.

Reasons you should use Upstore premium

Buy Upstore Premium Account from Upstore PayPal Reseller to enjoy the benefits that Upstore brings. If you use Premium, you can save your time thanks to high-speed downloading. Besides, you have an extra privilege of unlimited parallel downloading and Download without delay. You can download it with just 1 click and no download timeout.

In addition, thanks to using Upstore premium, you can download any files. You can even upload files up to 5 GB (If you don't use it, you can only upload files up to 2 GB). Moreover, you will never have to worry if your file can disappear or not. It is saved and always on the server.
If you are still wondering, try it to feel its quality. Sign up for a free account right now to believe it. Should you be satisfied, upgrade to our premium account to own more features.

Tired of downloading at low speed, watch ads and wait before downloading? Buy Upstore Premium from Upstore PayPal Reseller and enjoy all benefits:

Facilitate files transferring with Rapidgator premium

Rapidgator premium offers many advantages working with files, including files downloads and upload as well as file sharing. This is the reason more and more people are turning to Rapidgator premium as a solution for their work.

Benefits using Rapidgator premium

Rapidgator premium has been known for its ability to handle files in an effective way, thus facilitating work considerably. So what are the advantages of using Rapidgator premium? The first thing is associated with the download and upload speed. In comparison with other file-hosting sites, Rapidgator premium offers very high file delivering speed. Besides, the duration that data lasts before it is deleted is 60 days, which is longer than other file-hosting sites. Per download, you can upload 5GB, which is perfect for large files because you can upload it directly without any processing or changing. Add to that, working with Rapidgator premium will bring you the best experiences as there are no advertisements, no waiting times, no captchas for downloads and no limitations for simultaneous downloads.

Different Rapidgator premium packages to suit your demand

Depending on your demand, you can select a Rapidgator premium package from the 9 packages available. Each Rapidgator premium package is different in their runtime, bandwidth, storage space, thus the cost varies, from 14,99 USD to 99,99 USD.

Operation and security

When it comes to Rapidgator premium operation, note that there are two options to share files. For small file delivering, the wisest option is using the file manager in the web browser. In the web browser, you can see the time remaining as well as the amount of data that has been uploaded. For many files and a larger amount of data, it is suggested to upload via the FTP server for higher upload speeds.

There is no need to worry too much about security when using Rapidgator premium to transfer your data. Your files are ensured with high confidentiality and Rapidgator makes sure no data is passing to any third party.

There is no doubt that Rapidgator premium is needed to more effective file hosting. For the best Rapidgator premium packages, go to

Where to find the best Rapidgator reseller?

When your demand to work with files increases considerably, finding reliable file storage is necessary. If you are seeking so, go to for the best Rapidgator reseller.

Register Rapidgator reseller

For those working too frequently with files, a stable server for storing and transferring are needed to ensure the efficiency of their work. By registering Rapidgator premium key, you can enjoy excellent experiences working with files, which is the reason why Rapidgator reseller is considered one of the best file storage available. Rapidgator reseller offers an advanced User Control Panel so that customers can handle their files and downloads in the most efficient way. This file storage site is different from other file storage sites because it deals with its services firstly with its payment platform instead of the resellers. If you have not worked with Rapidgator reseller before or find it hard to work with the site interface, it is able to seek some files being shared to a non-registered user.

Better experiences working with files, choose a reputable Rapidgator reseller. Source: Thin Pig Media

How to buy Rapidgator promo code from a Rapidgator reseller?

If you are about to buy a Rapidgator promo code from Rapidgator reseller – one of the most reputable and trusted files-handling sites, here is how to do it. All the steps are quite simple and straightforward, thus you can follow them without any difficulties. First of all, go to the site – a trusted Rapidgator reseller where it has obtained good feedback from customers.

Look for This Rapidgator reseller offers different premium packages for you to choose, including Rapidgator 30 (US $15.50), Rapidgator 60 (US $29.5), Rapidgator 90 (US $41.5), Rapidgator 180 (US $51.50) and Rapidgator 365 (US $102.5). Consider your demand and budget carefully so as to choose a suitable package. You can pay through Paypal, Visa, Master, Bitcoin, Webmoney, Paysera and several local payments.

For better experiences working with files, it is needed to choose a good Rapidgator reseller and is where you should go.

The best Rapidgator Paypal Reseller - PremiumKeys

Rapidgator is one of the leading companies that provides file storage and sharing service. There are millions of customers who are using their services to store files or share with friends everyday.

Why should you buy Rapidgator Paypal Premium Key?

Rapidgator provides the best upload and download speeds. With Rapidgator, you don’t have to worry about the safety of your files as it will be well protected and the company ensures its security. They will create a backup copy of your file on a different hard drive whenever you upload. The entire system as well as support team will also be available 24/7 to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Buy now Rapidgator via Paypal with

The company offers users free storage space which is unlimited. This free hosting feature has made people come back with its services. However, a Premium subscription is a better option if you want to enjoy additional benefits of Rapidgator services. This is what a Premium subscription provides users:

  • Download speed with no limits
  • Unlimited simultaneous downloads
  • No queues for file download
  • There is no ads
  • Download files up to 5 GBs
  • Easy to use
  • Why should you buy Rapidgator Premium Package at PremiumKeys?

    Rapidgator Paypal with PremiumKeys is a great option because the company doesn’t accept Paypal as a payment method. PremiumKeys is an official reseller of We only provide genuine products for you to upgrade your account to Premium. Buying a Rapidgator Premium Package from PremiumKeys, you will be offered one time payment. This can avoid the auto renewal, which happens when you buy a package directly from Rapidgator website. More importantly, we support Paypal, Credit & Debit Card, Cryptocurrency, Webmoney and other popular online payment methods.

    So, if you want an unlimited storage with stunning upload and download speeds, Rapidgator Paypal Premium Key is the perfect solution for you:


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