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How to activate Gigapeta Premium Key?

This is instruction on how to activate Gigapeta Premium Key purchased from Gigapeta Reseller:

1. You receive a Login and Password like this (login:password): 99201aaa:8abbb

2. You can log into your Gigapeta Premium here below:

What's was created in the end of 2007 by successful company for internal needs but these internal needs widely crossed with external needs. So the project was extended and has become public and too popular to monitor it every day.

Sometimes it can get annoying, especially if you have to upload files one by one to a storage and download site. GigaPeta has eliminated that problem by introducing a mass uploader. This means that you get to select many files before hitting the upload button. It becomes easy to upload many files from different locations on the personal computer fast.

For people having any questions about GigaPeta Account works, visit their FAQ section. Here you will learn about their services and other features incorporated on the website. Sometimes if the section does not have all the answers you need, contact the company using the support form. They will get back to you within a short time with all the answers needed. The service rules are quite easy to read and understand. They always advise people to learn about the rules before using their site. Breaking any of their rules might lead to some penalties.

What are the features of Gigapeta Premium?

See below the features that correspond to the packages and buy an Gigapeta Premium from Gigapeta PayPal Reseller for you.

Service FeaturesUnregisteredRegisteredPremium
Maximum speed20 kbps40 kbpsUnlimited
Amount of threads11Unlimited
Download manager support
"Direct" links
Advertising blocks
Delay25 sec10 sec
Maximum size of uploading file2 Gb2 Gb2 Gb

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A dilger
A dilger
A dilger - 5
Product Review

Mar 29, 2020

All perfect.
All perfect. A very relaiable service and affordable, cheap prizes.
jean TORNSTROM - 5
Product Review

Mar 21, 2020

Great download service
Great download service
Moritz chu
Moritz chu
Moritz chu - 5
Product Review

Mar 20, 2020

Good Filehoster
Good Filehoster. Just try it.
Joost van Kralovec
Joost van Kralovec
Joost van Kralovec - 5
Product Review

Mar 15, 2020

Awesome Hoster
Awesome Hoster, awesome download speed, awesome Support.

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