Cancel an Order

If the order is processing, you can request us to cancel any processing order.
Request please send to

If the order is completed and delivered, but premium key provided by the system don’t work, we will provide you new one or cancel order (Payment will be refunded)
In case it is used successfully, we can cancel your order but do not offer refund except special case was stated in Refund policy.

Please refer more information on Refund Policy:

You have been charged but you have not receive Premium Key?

In this case, we have can seperate to 3 sections:

1. Payment is successfully, but you do not receive any email.
Make sure that you checked carefully your Inbox, even Spam box...
A few of the cases, it may be because your order email and your payment email is not match, or your email you entered while ordering is wrong. So it will take more time for manual check. In this case, you just write an email to us so that we can check quickly (

2. Payment is successfully, but you receive an email about delay delivery.
Be patience for our updates about your order and your Premium Key. You can always request refund if service has not delivered but you can not wait.

3. Your order is not passed our anti-fraud system or payment gateway.
Your informations (your address, your country, your phone number...) are not match, the system detects risky payment. Payment gateway will reponse to us that your order was declined and cancelled. You will receive payment on your bank in few working days.

Your email service has problem.
Normally, this problem may be in yahoo mail or hotmail. Our email will delivery to your email, but some unknow reason, it can be in Junk or Spam box.

To prevent, please follow our instruction:
1. Go to your email filter, you must check and make sure there is no filter for our email:
2. Please add our email to your contact to prevent email service filter.