Order Verification

- In a few cases, you need to verify your information. We know it will make you confused and annoying.

Our apologies for this inconvenience, Why you get this request? Because your order informations are matched between your billing information and your payment information.

To protect buyer out card stolers, you must prove you are card owners if we dont hear any information from you within 24 hours, your order will be cancelled.

- Information we need from you, we hope we can have great cooperation with you.

Your card statement, must have the order's transaction or your card, it must be show the last 4 digits (another, you can hide them).
Your ID card or your passport.

We hope you understand, what we do and we will keep your information is safe and private. Your information will be kept 6 months when your transaction is created then it will be removed!

If there is some problem on your information because us, we are responsible before the law.

All information, please send them to support@premiumkeys.com with title included your order ID.